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forecast services in Haiti to avoid new disasters. The rain season would start in April "with risks of flooding," and the hurricane season would begin at the beginning of June, sai

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ringfield. Quinn also said he planned to visit the affected areas later in the day. "At least six people have lost their lives in the wake of these storms, and our hearts go out t

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tation Safety Board said on Friday that it has sent a four-member team to San Bruno to investigate the blast. MEXICO CITY, April 26 (Xinhua) -- The number of bodies found in clande

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ercent of the votes, and Neves, with 20 percent, according to the pre-election poll. In a potential runoff between Rousseff and Silva, Silva would get 47 percent of the votes versu

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ne of Mexico's major tourist attractions. Borge is staying in nearby Cancun, the main resort city in the area. Borge told media on Monday that his campaign had two aircraft in ope

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his year in preparation for transferring power to parliament. Brennan said the government and the opposition share responsibility for achieving a peaceful resolution of the crisis

zzo类网站 -我让大狗×了两个小时视频

Arias, won these elections she would become the country's first female president in history. Costa Rican President Arias (L) speaks to the media after casting his ballot