s task" in rebuilding, Chilean UN envoy says UNITED NATIONS, March 5 (Xinhua) -- Chilean UN Ambassador Heraldo Munoz said here Friday that with the "broad estimate" of damage for .

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to stem climate change. "An analysis of research on the cost of delay for hitting a specified climate target (typically, a given concentration of greenhouse gases) suggests that n.

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lanning to attack on Bogota's bus-based mass transit system, known as "TransMilenio," a local official said on Sunday. "Two people were arrested with charges of manufacturing, tra.

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also spread to the furniture store and several houses nearby. It took firefighters almost two hours to dig out all of the trapped and brought the fire under control. At the height.

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ures to support the recovery and help the unemployed, including additional fiscal relief to state governments to prevent the layoffs of hundreds and thousands of teachers. "Christ.

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ei as a replacement candidate, but Pinera's National Renewal (RN) has yet to decide whether to nominate its own candidate or back Matthei. Pinera is barred by the constitution fro .

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or our tour and we may have to put out more money from our pocket, but what if somebody misses something important." "It should be done in some sort of other way so that it doesn't.

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by the bipartisan gridlock and powerful gun lobbying groups, the U.S. government is simply too absent-minded to hold its stance, and even the slightest changes in the country's .

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s Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego, the paper said. The survey highlights the health problem of lingering mercury, a poisonous metal that is found in fish globally, and of PCBs.

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