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ternational terrorism. According to the FBI, the suspects had plotted to blow up a bridge over the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and were arrested by the FBI's Joint Terrorism Ta


putting them in prison, and (we have) an economic system which increases this exclusion, which in the long term generates these kinds of tragedies," Gutierrez said. "We will establ.


networking sites that claimed he had suffered a heart attack and was near death. Over the years, Castro, 86, has often been rumored by his critics to be dead or dying, with the l.


day reacted coolly to Syrian government's decision to lift the emergency law, saying the results of such a move is "unclear." "It's unclear whether they've passed legislation to l.


ican Red Cross (ARC) has aroused even more suspicion of its credibility after the relief agency moved to defend its aid program in Haiti. An independent investigation, conducted jo.

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e to the law. Altogether, four federal judges have made rulings on the law, with two for it and two against it. The rulings were made completely along the party line. The two jud.

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team that would help in rescue work and provide relief to victims. Italy was ready to do its part in the relief operations, ANSA news agency quoted a Foreign Ministry official as .

ent Carolina Espinoza said the health workers were asking for increases in public spending on health, matching their benefits with those extended to other municipal workers and mo.

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